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contents. 2

preface. 4

function features. 4

1.1.        WD repairing founction introduction. 4

1.1.1.       MAVELL ROYL (Triangle board)Series. 4

1.1.2.       MAVELL(L board) Series. 5

1.2.        HITACHI2.5” function features. 6

How to buy. 6

Contact us. 6

MRT-WH Software designated sales agents. 7

How to install MRT. 7

Software introduction. 10

1.3.        main menu. 10

1.4.        operating area introduction. 11

preparing Condition . 11

1.5.        description. 11

Procedure initialization  . 11

1.6.        description . 11

1.7.        Confirm HDD manufacturer  . 12

1.8.        Confirm series. 12

1.9.        Confirm the sub-series. 12

1.10.     Confirm the access method. 14

word with firmware. 14

1.11.     description. 14

1.12.     ROM.. 14

1.12.1.    Distill and Unite  . 14

1.13.     Kill head. 15

1.14.     Kill sector 15

1.15.     S.M.A.R.T and defect compiler 16

1.16.     G-List and P-List 17

1.17.     head map. 18

1.18.     Adaptive Parameters. 18

Generate Firmware. 20

1.19.     description. 20

1.20.     generate modules dir 20

1.21.     generate ROM.. 21

1.21.1.    Generate ROM from the module . 21

1.21.2.    Auto Adapt ROM.. 21

Malfunction test 22

1.22.     description. 22

1.23.     modules test 22

1.24.     track test 23

1.25.     SA defect test 23

Track and modules. 24

1.26.     description. 24

1.27.     modules dir 24

1.28.     function menu. 25

1.29.     editing modules. 26

1.30.     import modules. 26

1.31.     export modules. 26

1.32.     Distill module from the track. 26

1.33.     Write modules back to track. 27

1.33.1.    original address to write. 27

1.33.2.    changing address to write . 27

1.34.     changing the Micro modules adress. 28

PCI-PC3000 support 30

1.35.     description. 30

1.36.     reading WD (triangles board) firmware by using PC3000 . 30

1.36.1.    directory mode. 30

1.36.2.    track mode. 32

MRT2.3.4.1 Introduction


MRT-WH software that hard drive disk trade has been expecting to repairing WD and HITACHI2.5” HDD is now showing at the market. It is one of the few software which provided with powerful function to repair WD and HITACHI 2.5"It can rapidly improve the efficiency of maintenance work. We have devoted all our efforts of years to this software. It is remained that MRT has always been stressing the style of powerful function and easy operation. Believed that it can certainly become a great assistant of yours.

It can use in both date recovery and HDD repairingIt is used with the UDMA and PCI-PC3000 to support WD drives , It has realized peculiar way of reading and writing by modules or ROM and tracks. The procedure has designed the templates to adaptive head, It is easy to be known how to adaptive head. To generate ROM from firmware, This is not completely solved that the other software to auto modify ROM modules Adapter Parameters. MRT-HITACHI2.5” procedure provides a quick calculation of starting address of date area. It can rapidly generate adapter parameters of NV-ROM. Increased some functions of WD--DragFly1, DragFly2 and DragFly4 in MRT version.

Function Introduction


WD Function description

MAVELL ROYL(triangle board) series:

1)        Program can automatically load the series parameters.

2)        Display directory, normally read and write firmware by PCI -pc3000 2.27 version or later one.

3)       To make PCI-pc3000 supports converting the firmware, generate modules table and track table

4)       To make PCI-pc3000 supports reading and writing modules and tracks which HDD can not be identified

5)       View the track which the modules belong to and address which the track is at .



6)       Test track, test modules

7)       Changing module address

8)        Transfer micro program modules.

9)         Import and export moduleuniting tracks by modules operating 

10)    Automatic identification adapter module.

11)    Discretionarily Kill head, meanwhile auto modify SA defects and data adapter

12)    Generate ZONE 03 module

13)    Kill section.

14)    Edit IDmodify the firmware version

15)    Clear S.M.R.A.T , Clear defects compiler

16)    Edit defects listclear  P-LIST and G-LIST

17)    Remove defective head

18)    Generate ROM and ROM modules from modules

19)    Distill the ROM module, Unites the ROM module

20)    Display the ROM dir

21)    Kill ROM head ,meanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter.

22)    View and edit the ROM SA defects

23)    Launching the self-calibration and modify log


MAVELL (L board) series:

1)      Display modules dir, edit and modify modules.

2)      Test modules.

3)        Compile modules address.

4)        Auto identification adapter module.

5)      Adjust the adapter, and load the ROM adapter and external adapter.

6)      Kill sector.

7)      Edit IDmodify the firmware version

8)        Clear S.M.R.A.T , Clear defects translator

9)      Edit defects listclear  P-LIST and G-LIST.


10)  Remove defective head.

11)  Display ROM dir.

12)  Generate ROM-47 from modules.

13)    Kill ROM head ,meanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter

14)    Work with ROM database

15)    Generate ROM from firmwaremeanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter and head map.

16)  Launching the self-calibration and modify log.


HITACHI 2.5” Function description

1)      Program can automatically load the series parameters

2)      Display modules dir, edit modules.

3)      Find out data area starting address

4)      Discretionarily Kill headmeanwhile generate sector and data adapter module

5)        Generate original ZONE modules.

6)        Quickly generate adaptation data for NVROM

7)        Edit ID, modify LBA content

8)        Clear P-LISTG-LIST


 About buying


1MRT-WH English version unified price:$1200.00(Does not include express costs).

   MRT-WD English version unified price:$600.00(Does not include express costs).

2You can pay by PayPal,  please contact us to learn detail.

3Software with installation CD and the dongle.

4Users can be free to receive WD, Hitachi maintenance technology video; and a lot of hard disk firmware.

5Common upgrades are free, but major feature upgrades will be paid .


 contact us

   AuthorChen ShunXue

     QQ  334654353      PC3K-MRT




MRT-WH designated sales agents



       Liu WeiMing


       Deng YanJun 




How to install MRT


1To run autorun.exe of the installing CD.


2Installing the "Sentinel "driver program or the "Sentinel " will be not able to work normally.

If you use Windows 2000 systemYou must install Win2000 hotfixThe second option)).

If you fail to install hotfixthen you need to install it in safe mode, Press F8 key when enter system.

3Installing VS++2008 runing database.


4、  Registration active procedure



Fills in the name and the registration E-mail, this is very important and cannot change, otherwise the software can not available.

To click generate registration information and send the generate file to the author.

After we accept the registration document, We will be running the opposite registration document and installing program.


After verificationWe will be sending you the “ Setup.rar”.

Open the “Setup.rar”To runMRT Active procedureagain.



Click “Load active files”



Find out “upw” and “ key” documentClick “Confirm”, Then “Active”completed active work.


To startSetup.exe”,Always Click "Next" to complete the installation.


Software introduction

Main menu


Operating area introduction

preparing Condition


Mrt is the professional software operating with the firmware files. Not support reading directly from the HDD firmware. It is necessary to use the other tools to read the HDD SA area data before work with the firmware. So the software can be used normally.

Procedure initialization


Only by correctly initialized to make MRT enable normally work. Each of drive parameters is different. MRT can be loaded parameters and calculated correctly after right series selection.

Confirm HDD manufacturer

Each hard drive manufacturers only produces their own series .For example Western DigitalHitachi.

Confirm series


Each company would upgrade their products from time to time, For example WD L board and triangle board.


Confirm the sub-series

As the different parameters, each family has many sub-series.


The automatic detection will help you to search the sub-series automatically.

Confirm the access method

What firmware can you read?”,It is very important.

MRT can support both "Read from modules" and "Read from tracks".


You must load right tracks parameters before reading from tracks.

According to actual situation to modify the parameters.

Work with firmware


The translate utility for firmware. Each firmware corresponds to its own data structures and algorithms, MRT included a number of master algorithms, it is helpful to repair the firmware by algorithms, so the way you work will be very efficient.


Distill and Unite

ROM consists of individual sub-module. The Distill is the process that get the ROM into individual sub-module, The Unite is the opposite work.

ROM tools àdistill /unite ROM

Kill head

Work with the damaged head. This can repair the hard disk, but will reduce the capacity.

Operating procedure:

modules ->kill head”,display a dialog window of kill headas follows


This is work for killing head 0. Click “confirm”, then write the modules of log to the HDD.

Kill sector

Work with the damaged sector.

Operating procedure:

“modules ->Edit LBA”

Display a window “LBA view” as follows:

Import beginning address of damaged LBA, Click “Kill specified LBA section”

Write the modules of log to HDD SA.

S.M.A.R.T and defects compiler

Operating procedure:

“Modules ->clear SMART/clear defects compiler”

Write the modules of log to HDD SA.

G-List and P-List

Operating procedure:

First to open P-List and G-List.

“defects function menu->view G-List/P-List”


The other work use “Right key menu”


Delete header


Head map

Intented for head map modification, you need to do the step when killed head.

Operating procedure:

“ROM tools->kill head”


This is to delete 5 and 6 head.

Adaptive parameter

Intented for head parameter modification.

Operating procedure:

Tools->Adaptive parameter adjusting”

Select source->Auto

Select adaptive modules.


Main window


ROM adaptive




Open the file, and loading adaptive data from outside, then start comparing.

Generate Fireware 


Missing original disk firmware can be re-generated by software.

Generate modules table

Generated specific tracks parameter of WD HDD.

Operating procedure:

The method mostly as the Kill head method, but do not select all the head and “synchronize  ROM and SA defects”.


Generate ROM

Generate ROM from modules

Operating procedure:

 ROM tools->Generate ROM from modules


Auto adapt ROM

Intended for resolving the problem how to match WD L board.

Operating procedure:


ROM tools->Auto adapt ROM”,Click “confirm”.


Malfunction test


Intended for finding out fault of the firmware.

Modules test

Operating procedure:

modules ->modules test

The red log is fault.

Tracks test

Operating procedure:

tools->tracks test

The red log is fault, as follows:

SA defects test

Operating procedure:

Tools->View SA defects

Result as follows:

Tracks and modules


Provided changing modules of tracks , It can make the modules of damaged sector get into right sector.

Modules dir


Modules dir main window.

Function menu

Modules Edit

Import modules

Tools->import modules

Export modules

“Tools->export modules”

Distill from track

Write modules to tracks

Original address to write

Changing address to write

Select the track of need to change.

Changing the Micro modules address

Load backup Micro modules.

Select the tracks of need to change.

PCI-PC3000 support


Resolved the problem that pci-pc3000 not support WD triangle board series.

It can be read the WD triangle board series firmware by using PCI-pc3000 with MRT.

Reading WD (triangles board) firmware by using PC3000

 Directory mode

Display the modules dir correctly by pci-pc3000

Operating procedure:


1Back up the second largest minus track.

2Save the showing tracks to Tracks dirnamexxxx-00.trk(“xxxx” stand for number of track)


Read ROM

3Distill ROM.

4Generate modules dir.

Click “confirm” twice.



5Write generated 90.rpm to -1track.

6Do not off power, reset pci-pc3000.

7Open the modules dir, PC3000 modules table can be correctly displayed.

Tracks mode

Repeat the step 1,2,3 of modules dir mode, then work as follows:

1)      Generate tracks dir.


Operating procedure:

The largest minus track->The second minus track->Generate->Generate list->Current using->ok” window as follows:

Write generated 90 modules to -1 track of HDD, Do not off the power, reset pc3000.

Delete all the contents of Tracks folder. back up all the modules using PC3000Save the modules to Tracks folder.


Set up MRTchanging modules into tracks.

Reset MRTTo select “Load 

Now the firmware can be worked as using UDMA with MRT.

Write the modules to HDD after operating modules.


Write the new generated track folder to the HDD.